“Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones,” Face Book founder Mark Zuckerberg said.

            Zuckerberg’s virtual reality dream has turned into a nightmare. Repercussions from Corona virus have plunged folks into a bizarre virtual world that just a few months ago only creators of films such as Star Wars or The Matrix could have imagined.

With the opening of the beach, hair and nail salons and restaurants, there is hope life soon will be getting back to normal or perhaps we should call it the “new normal.”

According to the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia, “new normal” was originally a business term referring to the 2007-2008 financial crises. Now it means what was once abnormal has become ordinary, such as changes that alter daily life, limiting person-to-person contact like handshakes and hugs…I do miss hugs.

            Looking on the plus side of our recent state of isolation, “gas prices are the lowest they’ve been since I was a teenager,” my spouse the Binmeister said.

“Too bad we can’t take advantage of it, because we can’t go anywhere,” I pointed out.

Mask wearing has become a fashion statement in this new normal world. Masks hide wrinkles and sags and cut down on the use of lipstick. They also fog your eyeglasses and make breathing difficult in hot weather.

The Final Word…The trouble with the new normal is I must have missed a few steps along the way from the old normal in college when students keypunched cards to run searches on the school’s main frame computer, to learning how to operate my first desk top, to texting on a mobile phone.

The medical world has changed too. I used to joke that checkups would be easier if we could do one big conference call with all my docs. Be careful what you wish for. My latest challenge was to install and use Zoom on my cell phone for a virtual doctor’s visit. Why can’t we just chat on the phone? Why do they have to see me eye-to-eye, or in the case of my OBGYN or gastroenterologist, would it be eye-to-um-m-m? Well you get my point.

At home isolation would be easier to endure if we could figure out how to get Netflix on the Bin’s big screen TV. Too bad we don’t have a teenager to operate all this high tech new normal equipment. Today’s youngsters are so tech savvy; if only we could keep one in a closet and take him or her out when we need virtual advice.