“Boredom can be a lethal thing on a small island.”—Christopher Moore, author

Today is “Relaxation Day,” time to sit back and chill. Unfortunately, this year Relaxation Day began in early March and hasn’t stopped since. Boor-ring!

We’re mid-way through the heat of August, a time when folks usually look forward to winding up summer vacations and preparing for the fall social scene. The pandemic shutdown in March changed all that. Instead of enjoying the outdoors and indoors with friends or munching popcorn in a cool theater, we’re reading emails and text messages, tossing political fliers and trying to get NetFlix on TV.

March was when my spouse the Binmeister started planning vacations. The first get-away was to head north to St. Simon’s Island to celebrate No.1 daughter’s end of June birthday at a ritzy resort and gourmet restaurant. That plan blew up when the resort’s special restaurants closed; we could stay, but not indulge in a special birthday celebration.

At the end of August we planned to venture to North Carolina to another beach venue. That too has closed. Binmeister was crushed. I was happy to get our deposit back. We live year round a half-mile from a beautiful beach, where almost all we desire in recreation is available or hopefully will be soon. However, Binmeister loves travel and yearns for a change of scenery.

Closed businesses are disappointing, but we know folks who were chagrined when they wanted to visit close friends in Colorado and were rejected, because their Vail friends didn’t want to risk exposure to Floridians who might be carrying the virus. They changed destinations to visit relatives in Niagara Falls. Rejected again! Revenge will be sweet when Cousin Millie wants to visit Florida during a northern cold snap.

 Can there be such a thing as too much relaxation?  We’ve been “relaxing” at home and   entertaining ourselves with put off chores, such as sorting and disposing of papers accumulated over the years. The Binmeister got bored and depressed throwing out boxes of files from work he’d done in exotic lands years ago. I unearthed a drawer filled with maps of places we’d been to or were going to. Who needs paper maps, when Binmeister’s entire body is a compass, and he loves to argue with the car map navigator?

 “Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours,” self improvement guru Dale Carnegie advised.

*The Final Word…Relaxation Day got an early start and has gone on too long for those of us used to leading hectic lives. To paraphrase some anonymous soul, “we’re not relaxing, we’re bored; therefore we shall eat.” And so the highlight of the Rooney Bin’s day is deciding what to have for dinner, and who is cooking.

Binmeister has become a self-appointed chef. No.1 daughter and I serve as sous chefs and dishwashers. He enjoys his role preparing exotic recipes “for eight” torn from the Wall Street Journal. There are only three of us, so the refrigerator groans with an excess of unusual leftovers that no one can figure out how to reuse, proving the point made by British actor Nicholas Hoult: “Long term boredom can’t lead to anything good.”