“Sitting around doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.”—proverb

Spring is upon us, and things are getting frisky in the yard. One morning my spouse the Binmeister came in from retrieving the Times-Union from the driveway and announced “the birds are making a racket, and I can hear things growing.” He was elated.

March is National Umbrella month, so named because it brings gusty winds, rain and cold nights.  Flocks of robins fly in—they were early this year—leaves emerge and pollen coats cars. Instead of March Madness, at the Rooney Bin we call it Mulch Madness. Binmeister loves to fling mulch hither and yon, although for the last couple of years he has hired professional mulch flingers.

 The vernal equinox is a week away, but Daylight Savings Time begins at midnight tonight and clocks are to be set forward an hour. Some folks don’t mind springing ahead, because you regain the time in the fall. However, at my age I hate to lose even an hour.

            Another Northeast Florida spring tradition is the growing lines of traffic on Florida A1A due to the Players Championship. Blame it on the Scots, who are credited with creating the game in the 14th century. Contrary to belief, they didn’t originate the pastime of hitting small round objects with sticks. People in France, Belgium and other countries played different versions of the game, but their goal was to hit the ball at an object, such as a tree. Fairways in Scotland were rife with rabbit holes, which made ideal goals and must have kept the rabbits hopping. Consequently Scotland’s contribution to golf was to invent the “hole’—and I thought Dunkin Donuts did that.         

In the spring, Binmeister becomes Terminator Gone Wild with a chain saw and limb loppers whacking off dead branches. The impatient Bin gardener gets so excited about the growing season he’s been known to dig down to see if the daffodils are coming up. It’s useless to try to calm him when he’s on a mission to destroy any landscaping Old Man winter overlooked. In his own peculiar way he’s having a good time.

 As comedian Robin Williams said: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party.”