“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party'”—Robin Williams

            Easter has passed, but there’s still a funny bunny my spouse the Binmeister named Bertram hopping around the Rooney Bin back yard. Pink petunias are in full bloom in the front yard. The roses and azaleas are showing off too.

 Prior to the 14th century the season was known only as Lent. One theory is that it was renamed Spring because that is when plants seem to be springing from the ground. Indeed, Spring has sprung at the Bin, and no one could be happier than Binmeister, who has been joyfully hopping around spreading mulch and feeding plants as well as talking to the chattering squirrels and chirping birds looking for nesting places.

 The first day of Spring officially arrived March 20, but April is the month of Easter bunnies and silly celebrations that begin with April Fool’s Day and go on to include Holy Humor Month—Did you hear about the Holy Cow? He was legend-dairy. National Columnists Day is the 18th.  (Send notes of praise to RooneyBin@comcast.net.) April 29 is National (cough, cough) Hairball Awareness Day, and today is “Talk like Shakespeare Day.”

How does one talk like Shakespeare?  Say “thou” instead of you and “thy” for thine. Attach an “eth” or “est” at the end of verbs, such as “he runneth” instead of he ran. And try speaking in rhyming couplets. Let me know how that works out. If this proves too much for you, hold off until April 25 and call your plumber to celebrate Hug a Plumber Day. I love the Bin plumber/handyman, aka Binmeister.

The Final Word…April has its downside. Tornados are most common in the springtime. Taxes are due mid-April, and April 18 through 22 is Cleaning for a Reason Week. There are plenty of reasons for Spring cleaning, but do we have to make it official? Oh well, as Leo Tolstoy said: “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” So follow the Binmeister’s lead and hop to it!